Mikey and Orin

Sometimes, even a culinary enthusiast like myself just wants to come home and have cereal for dinner. And, after a great dinner last night (grilled skirt steaks, baked potatoes and steamed broccoli) and a fabulous lunch at Seasons 52 today, that’s pretty much where I was this evening. But before I wax philosophical about the crispy, milky goodness, let’s talk about lunch.

Thanks to my colleague and college basketball archnemesis, Jackie, I had the pleasure of a great lunch at Seasons 52 in Plano. In this instance, pleasure equals great company, great food and FREE. Our sweet waiter, Ross, came to get my drink order. Now, he introduced himself and then asked for our names. Note: I hate when people I don’t know call me by my name over and over. Even worse when they call me “Miss Sarah”. Blech. In addition to a San Pellegrino, we ordered the shrimp and chipotle flatbread, which features grilled pineapple, feta cheese and roasted poblano peppers. *drool*


Following the appetizer, I had a great turkey burger with grilled portabella mushroom and dijon mustard on a whole wheat bun with a side of asparagus. The genius menu planners at Seasons 52 have made sure that, not only does their menu use items reflective of each season, but every dish on their lunch menu comes in at 475 calories or less. Makes you want to go ahead and have that glass of wine. Especially since one they were featuring today is from an amazing winery – Gargiulo. And, don’t miss their desserts. As Jackie said, “they’re mini, so you just have to have one.” Compelling argument. Carrot cake in miniature form? Done.

Fast forward through about five more hours of the workday and I get home with absolutely no desire to cook. Plus, I’m still kind of full from the bounty enjoyed earlier in the day. At that point, executive decision was made to make it a cereal night, followed by an apple with peanut butter. I had an open box of cereal that I needed to go ahead and finish – Basic 4 – but I stared longingly at the brand new box of Cinnamon Life cereal awaiting me. As I stared into the pantry, I thought of those deliciously crispy pieces, covered with a hint of cinnamon and had a twinge of jealousy at how freakin happy the kid on the box appeared. Oh how I wanted Cinnamon Life to help me reconnect with my inner 5-year-old, but alas, the need to keep cereal order ruled the day. As a kid, all I wanted was to be an adult so I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted. Now that I can, I don’t even allow myself to do so. How jacked is that?!
After promising my new box of cereal – and Mikey (all kids on Life boxes are named Mikey as far as I’m concerned) – I’d see them tomorrow, I decided to enjoy my favorite adult indulgence – a glass of red wine.
Tonight’s selection is Abstract – which is one of Orin Swift’s wines. If you’re not familiar with wines from this producer, you’re missing out. The first wine I had the pleasure of drinking from this winery was The Prisoner. In fact, I have a magnum of said wine hanging out in my personal collection, just waiting for the right guests (or the right bad week at work) to pull the cork. So, when I ran by Kindred Cellars (see link in previous post) and was checking out new wines, all my guy there had to say was “Orin Swift” and I was in.
I walked out with two bottles, actually. One was the Abstract which I am currently enjoying. The other is called Saldo and is still hanging out in the wine fridge. If you’re not into buying wines you haven’t tried first, I dined recently at R+D Kitchen, and they have Abstract on the menu.
Abstract was just released for the first time in October 2010, so the 2009 is their inaugural vintage. And, oh how I love experiencing a wine its first time out. This wine – a blend of Grenache, Petite Syrah and Syrah grown primarily in Sonoma – packs a major punch. Lots of berry and dark fruits and is big in the mouth right from the start. Methinks I’ll likely buy another bottle or three and let a couple of them lay down for a bit just to see how this wine develops further. It isn’t one I’d lay down for a really long time (the way I would something that is more Cabernet based) but I’m interested in how the tannins might smooth out a bit further with a little age.
The nice thing about this wine is that it is a pretty good deal price-wise. Suggested retail is $25 and I think I paid a bit less – especially with the discount I received for buying multiple bottles in a single transaction. I just sort of wish I’d had the foresight to open this last night to enjoy with the skirt steak, though. Something tells me that there isn’t yet a wine created to pair brilliantly with milk and cereal. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Buen provecho!

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