Oliver with no twist

Spending the evening writing performance reviews is so NOT how I envisioned my Fat Tuesday. When I should have been out consuming hurricanes and king cake, I instead wrote glorious prose about the ability of others to meet or exceed expectations.

At least I had a nice lunch hour break today with some great friends to keep the day from being a total waste. My lunch companions are quite lovely, don’t you think?

Lunch buddies

We ended up at a place called Oliver’s Eatery in Plano. It is at the NE corner of Frankford and the Tollway. It’s sort of your standard located-in-a-strip-shopping-center-eatery. In fact, I liken it to a slightly more upscale Fuddruckers. And, I’m not ashamed to admit that I love me some Fuddruckers every blue moon or so. I think maybe it’s the bulk size canned goods they use as decor.

Upon arriving at Oliver’s, we exchanged hugs and got in line. Fair warning – you will receive your order on a tray at this place. Don’t be deterred.

A quick peruse of the menu – and a snap decision that this was not going to be a salad day – and I selected a bison burger with swiss cheese (on a whole wheat bun, thank you) with a side of sweet potato fries. Now, one of these days I will do a post solely dedicated to my quest for the most amazing sweet potato fry. Subsequent to that will be one on my quest for the best fried green tomatoes. But I digress….

After a three-minutes-too-long wait, my buzzer sounded and off I went to collect my tray. My lunch companions had received their food several minutes before me. I guess bison takes extra time? The good news is – the wait was pretty well worth it. Let’s be clear – this was not the best burger I’ve ever had. But, it was well prepared, the cheese was of good quality and had good flavor. Like a good employee should, it met my expectations.

The sweet potato fries had good flavor and consistency, but lacked seasoning. I took care of that myself with a nice dousing of salt and pepper, but there is something to be said about seasoning fries as soon as they get done cooking. Makes a huge difference. Bonus points when the seasoning is cinnamon and sugar like they do at Jake’s. If I could, I’d take the fry from Oliver’s and have the people at Jake’s season it. That would have made this Tuesday a lot tastier and much fatter.

Overall assessment – if you happen to find yourself starving and near the NW corner of Frankford and the Tollway – Oliver’s is an okay place to stop in if you’re looking for straightforward food that is well prepared. You won’t find any major surprises here, but sometimes, when you’d rather focus on good friends than your food, maybe that’s okay. Buen provecho!

(Nearly) Clean plate



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2 responses to “Oliver with no twist

  1. Gryf

    Gryf wants to know if kib is on the menu.

  2. G

    You should have held performance reviews at Oliver’s Eatery … with drinks!

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