The madame and a fish

This post is dedicated to two of my favorite Dallas standbys…La Madeleine and Blue Fish. Both of these are in regular rotation for my lunch hour which is generally restricted to the *blech* suburbs.

On Tuesday, I had a particularly lousy day and decided to do some – ahem – stress eating. Enter the chicken friand at La Madeleine. This fabulous creation is comprised of puff pastry filled with seasoned chicken goodness and topped with a creamy mushroom sauce. I shudder to contemplate the calories…so I just don’t. And this particular day, since I was feeling especially low, I asked the nice gent who prepped said friand to “get crazy with the mushroom sauce.” Bless him, he took care of me. Any more and it would have overflowed the plate. Add a small cup of their awesome tomato bisque and a Perrier and my spirits were immediately on the rise.

Um...I ate it all.

In fact, as the photo at left illustrates, I was so excited about this meal that I couldn’t bring myself to take the photo BEFORE I dug in. Instead, my anger fog didn’t clear until I’d finished the last bite. The remnants are what you see here. If and when you find yourself at any La Madeleine, you pretty much can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. I’m partial to the items off the hot bar — quiches, croque monsieur and my beloved chicken friand — but that is largely because I tend to gravitate to the most fattening items on any menu. One additional note, you can buy La Madeleine’s tomato bisque soup at the grocery store. I’d suggest avoiding this, no matter how many happy times you’ve had with this delicious nectar at the restaurant. It loses something in the translation.

The next day, it was sushi calling my name. Well, that and one of my esteemed co-workers offered to buy. And the only thing better than sushi is free sushi, you know.

I’m wildly predictable when it comes to dining at Blue Fish. Part of this is because their sushi rolls are so blasted large and unwieldy to eat, I’ve made it a priority to order those items that do not require me to unhinge my jaw to eat them. As as result, I’m devoted to the ahi tower. This delectable concoction consists of fresh ahi tuna, avocado, rice, roe, wasabi and a bunch of other deliciousness. It shows up in a beautiful stacked tower (so it isn’t just a clever name) and, if you’re lucky, when they mix it up for you, they’ll shape it into a lovely fish. I always give extra kudos to the servers who take that step.

Hello, lobster roll

 My lunch companion opted to live on the edge and try the lobster roll for the first time. The price will give you pause, but then again, sushi and cheap don’t generally go together, unless you’re the sort that likes to gamble with your stomach.

So, said lobster roll shows up and, the presentation is outstanding. The rolls are positioned on either side of a lobster tail shell, which is filled with pieces of fried lobster. Looks were not deceiving. Covered in eel sauce and a lobster mayo, this dish is just as delicious as it is terrible for you. But if you’re going to indulge, I say, go all the way.

In case you hadn’t figured out already, this blog isn’t exactly about healthy eating. But, we only live once, and frankly, life isn’t worth living without enjoying all of the great food the world has to offer. Buen provecho!

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  1. Robin

    Too funny. I got the Chicken Friand just last week. Friggin’ amazing.

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