I’m a burger girl, in a burger world

After an unsuccessful attempt to try the new Katy Trail Ice House , the hubster and I ended up searching for a different locale at which to get our burger fix. Note – the Ice House officially opened March 25, and like all new Dallas dining/drinking establishments, was far too packed for us to wait. Hope to get a table there in the fairly near future, seeing as how they have a burger that is noted as Man v. Food.

Anyway, as we drove northward on McKinney Ave., passing such standbys as the Idle Rich Pub, Uptown Bar and Grill and Primo’s, we made our way past the West Village into the Knox/Henderson area and settled on a place called Burger Girl. It met our criteria for the evening – burgers (we hoped it wasn’t just a clever name), and a patio that had an open table.

Looks like me, no?

After sitting down – and realizing that my likeness had clearly been used as the logo for the establishment (see left) – we were approached by a waitress dressed head to toe in clingy black attire.

Drinks were ordered – a vodka rocks with lime for me, a Miller Lite for the hubster – as well as an order of fried pickles. Now, fried pickles and I have an interesting history. The first time I ever tried them was at Kirby’s on Greenville my first year in Dallas. And, it must be noted that I tried them with much reluctance. The concept of fried pickles was foreign to this Missouri-born lady. However, after sampling the crispy, zesty goodness that first time, I’ve
Fried pickles

been hooked. As a result, any restaurant that has fried pickles on the menu compels me to try them.

The pickles were rather good – nice and crispy with the right amount of seasoning in the breading. They came with a too-small side of ranch, though my dining companion opted to dip his in ketchup. Actually, my only complaint about this appetizer was that the portion size was way too big. I hate to waste a good fried pickle, but alas, they do not reheat well so no doggie bagging it for me.

For the main event, I opted for the sliders – three mini burgers with lettuce, tomato, pickles and Burger Girl’s “special sauce”. Note – I think the special sauce is primarily made up of mayonnaise and ketchup. I had provolone cheese added to my sliders and capped off the order with a side of sweet potato fries.
Sliders and sweet potato fries


The burgers were well seasoned and you could tell that the burgers were probably freshly ground. All of the toppings were fresh and crisp, and the bun was warm and pillowy as hoped. Solid burger times 3.

My sweet potato fries were well seasoned – nice and salty – and had a clean sweet potato flavor. I know that getting a crispy texture on sweet potato fries is pretty well impossible, but I found these to be softer than most. Maybe I’m just a harsh critic, but the texture of the fries left me feeling a bit disappointed.

My favorite part of the meal was actually the people watching. Two tables over was a group of four dudes who were clearly starting what will likely prove to be a long night out. I saw multiple rounds of shots served by the waitress and the group then departed in a pickup truck – two guys in front and two in the bed of said truck. Did I mention that one was wearing banana yellow short-shorts with a Mavs jersey? Don’t be discouraged, dear reader. I don’t think all patrons of Burger Girl are this douchey.

So the big question – would I go back? Well, I have mixed feelings. Clearly the food was tasty. The service was okay – a little slow, but this wasn’t an evening I was in a hurry. It was nice to just enjoy the weather and relax. But where Burger Girl falls off the radar for me is the price. For two entrees (burgers), two orders of fries, fried pickles and three drinks we paid more than $40. Each individual item is slightly overpriced, which leads to a larger-than-expected tab. On the drive home, I mentioned that the experience was only a notch above In-n-Out Burger, in my opinion, and not enough of a notch to substantiate the price difference. This definitely won’t be my random-Tuesday-night-let’s-grab-a-burger place, but if I’m looking for a quiet patio, a tasty burger and a possible Dallas douche sighting – well, surely you’ll see this burger girl.

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  1. Kristi

    They don’t comp their model’s food? Dirtbags.

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