The ATN Showdown

I love nachos. Without prejudice. There is not a nacho that I’ve met that I didn’t like. This is an important point so you’ll understand that writing this post is, for me, much like choosing between sex and pizza. I mean….they’re both good, right?

Last night, I had appetizers with colleagues after a long shoot day. My selection, as is often the case, was ahi tuna nachos. This represented the third time already this month that I’ve enjoyed said dish. That’s just about one time shy of addiction I think.

So, naturally, I’ve mentally been comparing and force ranking each version of this tasty delight. The two that rise to the top are the versions from BJ’s Brewhouse (surprisingly) and Victor Tango (less surprising).

Let’s make this quick and easy, shall we?

Tuna – both serve incredibly fresh product, but VT dices theirs a bit smaller. And though my friends may disagree, my difficulty getting dental x-rays proves I have a small mouth. Winner: VT

Accompaniments – BJ’s comes with diced avocado and a light ginger soy sauce; VT does sliced fresh jalapenos and micro-greens. BJ’s had me at ginger soy. If only they had been more generous with it. Winner: BJ’s

Chip – it is insulting to call either of these “chips” but I’m trying to remain true to nacho vernacular. Both venues use a crispy won ton wrapper as the base for the delicate tuna. VT manages to achieve a lightness that the others don’t. Winner: VT

Do the (easy) math. Victor Tango wins by a chip. Just make sure you pair your nachos with one of their signature cocktails. My new fave is the bourbon-based Sazerac. Be careful though…they pack quite the punch. And you’ll want to remember every second spent enjoying your ahi tuna nachos (ATNs for those who needed the title decoded).


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  1. Robin

    Next time I go to VT’s, I’m gonna skip the entrees entirely and just get three orders of ATN. Seriously.

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