A treat for all the senses

In the glass tonight: 2009 Weber Pinot Noir. Thanks to my new pal Chris at Back RoomWines for introducing me to this gem.

A gorgeous ruby color makes it pleasant for the eyes. A slight violet around the edges. It is rare that I’m so snobbish as to put a wine next to a white napkin to get the true color…but this one is pretty.

Presents with raspberry and strawberry on the nose. As it opens up, you get more of a sense of cassis. Sort of like being in the middle of a berry patch. Or, my mom’s kitchen every fall when she is making blackberry jelly. That will be its own post someday.

Soft mouthfeel with a medium finish. A nice departure from my usual cabernets or zinfandels that I can still taste an hour after finishing.

The most important sense with wine? Taste! Fruit, fruit, fruit! This wine is exceptionally balanced with a nice, soft roundness that is a bit surprising from a Pinot produced in SoCal. Let the wine breathe, and you’ll even start to get slight hints of chocolate. Or maybe that’s just the thin mints Girl Scout Cookies I paired with my second glass. Good combination, by the way.

I’m lost on the topic of sound. Then again, the sound of a cork being pulled and wine being poured into my glass is always a turn-on. In a big way.

Side note, I love the label on this wine. The owner, Andrew Weber, invites you to call or email him with feedback on his wine. How fantastic is that? Only someone who knows he has a superior product would open that door. I look forward to sending him my accolades.

So, do yourself a solid. Give Chris a holler and nab a bottle or three (because my one went waaaay too fast, thanks to help from the hubster)….you won’t regret it. And neither will all five of your senses.


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