Roach coach. Kitchen on wheels. Drunk’s delight. Who doesn’t appreciate a good food truck?

Generally I appreciate food trucks most around 2am after a long night of fist pumping, Jersey Shore style. However, the folks at Sigel’s on Greenville had the genius idea to have their first Food Truck Festival this past Saturday evening. After reading the expert’s guide to eating your way through this shindig, I was salivating much like my dogs do right before I put kibble into their bowls.

After cleaning up my puddle of drool, I talked with some of my work peeps (well, we emailed actually) and some of us planned to meet up for some good old-fashioned food trucking. Oh, and did I mention there was supposed to be free wine and beer tasting too? That alone would have sold me.

Hubster and I show up around 6:30pm (the hours were to be 6pm-9pm), park about a block away outside the Sprint Store and make the walk over to Sigel’s. Upon arriving, we take note of the sea of people crowded into the Sigel’s parking lot where the food trucks had decided to hold court. It was nearly impossible to see where one line ended and another began. It was at this juncture we realized we would need copious amounts of booze to handle this endeavor.

Inside we went to enjoy some free spirits of the drinkable variety. And, we were fortunate enough to run into Mr. and Mrs. Trishmas upon entering the store. Drinking with friends is always more fun right? After standing in line for about 15 minutes (note: this line was considerably shorter than the ones outside in the 105-degree heat for the food trucks) we get our tasting glasses and belly up to the bar.

To say that the person behind the counter dribbled wine into my glass would be a compliment. I was just lucky that the pour didn’t evaporate before I had an opportunity to bring the glass to my lips. Seriously. I mean, I’m all for responsible tasting but this was ridiculous. Two types of wine and I guarantee I hadn’t even cleared a 1/2 ounce of liquid consumed.

In the midst of this Nam and his lovely gal popped in. Smarter than the rest of us, they took one look at the crowd and decided to bail. Turns out, they were smarter than all of us.

Already committed, we continue in the line toward the beer tasting. This had to be better, right? Eh..not really. I have to give props to the Sam Adams folks for at least using respectable tasting cups. The folks at the Rahr table were using something akin to those tiny plastic cups hospitals use when they have to bring someone a bunch of different pills that they want them to take all in one swallow. Wasn’t even the equivalent of a shot glass.

After the lackluster experience with the drink portion of the evening, we all contemplated what, if any, luck we might have in jumping into one of the food truck lines. However, one look showed us that people who had been in line when we went inside for our “tastings” were STILL toward the back of the very same lines nearly 30 minutes later. That was it. We threw up the white flag and decided to abandon ship.

Thanks to the good folks at Twisted Root Burger Co., for providing hubster and I with an excellent dining experience. Not only did we get to have big-kid sized tasty beverages, but I got to order (with a straight face) a Big German. With a side of fried green beans, of course.

I guess the food trucks and I just weren’t meant to be this time. But if one – or many – of them could be hanging out in the Bishop Arts District, say, on Sept 10 after my friend’s birthday celebration, that would be just amazeballs.


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