Bacon and booze

When your schedule for the evening includes taking in a drag show with a bride-to-be and her girlfriends, a glow-in-the-dark replica of male genetalia and Dirty Mad Libs, you need to start out with a solid dinner. You know, to sop up all of the booze that you are bound to consume on such an evening.

My dear friend Lindsay is getting married in a mere nine days, so over the Labor Day weekend I headed to KC for the shower and bachelorette party. Fun times had by all. I mean, how could you not when a silver wig is involved?

We started the evening at Houlihan’s. Now, I don’t mean to sound like a snob (maybe I do a little), but I’m not generally a fan of restaurants of Houlihan’s genre. Some are worse offenders than others, but most of them sort of blur together for me because the menus are so similar and massive, much like the entrees themselves. But, as referenced at the start of this post, when you’re trying to lay down a good base for copious consumption of adult beverages, this sort of eatery is actually ideal.

The next time you find yourself at your local Houlihan’s, be sure to start with the jumbo stuffed ‘shrooms. Aside from my disdain for referring to mushrooms as ‘shrooms (unless hallucination is likely to ensue), this appetizer is a delicious bit of fried, creamy goodness. And, fried is the number one food group for a night out.

See the bacon?

The second important food group on this type of evening? Bacon. Hence my choice of the Brentwood chicken sandwich, which smoked bacon, gouda cheese, dijon-spiked mayo and some vegetation on top. Not wanting to fill up on bread and get too full for the chicken-y, bacon-y goodness, I ended up foregoing much of the bun (despite its deliciousness), relying on my side of fries to help me carbo-load.

Did the sammich knock my socks off? Nah. Was the chicken a bit overcooked? Sadly yes. And the fries were a bit flaccid. But, when your dinner comes with a side of great conversation with some fantastic women, you tend to overlook these details. So much so that, I went ahead and took the plunge into dessert. I was technically on vacation (read: in a different area and zip code), so splurging was allowed.

For me, it was a toss up between a few items. Have I mentioned dessert is my favorite food group? Creme brulee, Bourbon pecan pie, Snickers crunch ice cream dome, s’mores fondue…all were calling my name. I ended up deciding to keep it simple and go with the creme brulee. Great caramelization on the top. Nice vanilla bean flavor. Thin consistency.

Tasted way better than it looked

I was quite jealous of my dining companions who opted for the chocolate espresso cake. It should have been a no-brainer for me. Chocolate? Coffee? Done. I’ll blame the Ketel One for blurring my dining judgement. My new pal Denna was nice enough to part with one bite for me to give it a go. Quite tasty. It was no wonder she didn’t offer me a second taste.

Once the glasses and plates were empty, it was off to begin the shenanigans of the evening. I am happy to report, though, that dinner did its job. No hangover for this happy chowhound. Which was a great thing, because the next day I found myself taking in a Royals game with the family. And, it just isn’t a day at The K without copious snacks. And a beer of course.


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