Let me eat cake

I love dessert. Love. Love. Love. Have I mentioned I love dessert?

After dinner with friends – thank you mushroom ravioli with chicken, artichokes, spinach and creamy marinara – I asked the good people at Kathleen’s Sky Diner for my dessert options. Now, I like any place that brings me a multi-tiered display of cake choices. Even better when they say these magical words:

“Someone else ordered a slice of double fudge cake to-go and left it here. I can give it to you for free if you want it.”

Excuse me, free dessert?

Um….yes please!!!!

My slice of double fudge cake and I came home. After getting to know each other for a bit, we decided to open a bottle of wine. The mood was right, so we went for it. Enter a bottle of 2005 Licorella, a Spanish red wine produced by Cellers Unio and imported by Miller Squared, Inc., out of Buffalo Grove, IL.

On its own, the wine is just okay. I’d drink it on a random night (it is Wednesday after all) but knowing what I know now, it requires chocolate. The cake itself was rich and smooth. Moist cake with icing that was sweet, yet restrained. Add the wine, and you ended up with hints of cinnamon that weren’t in either component, yet appeared when the two were combined.

A beautiful marriage was made tonight. In my mouth. Make one happen for you. Your taste buds will thank you…even if your hips don’t.


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