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Date night on Henderson

October was a month of many dining experiences across the country. Vegas. NYC. Tennessee. Chicago. In the midst of them all, the hubster and I managed to carve out a night to dine at Hibiscus here in Dallas. He was already a fan, having dined there on numerous occasions with colleagues. I, however, was a newbie…which was embarrassing enough seeing as how Hibiscus isn’t new to Dallas (and after almost nine years, neither am I).

We arrive and are escorted by some of the nicest hosts I’ve ever met to a cozy booth near the front of the restaurant. Great view of the whole place. The whole place just feels warm and comfortable. Clearly upscale but not pretentious. Ahhhh…an oasis in this jungle that is Dallas.

More crab than cake. Perfect.

Jumbo lump crab cake to start. Served with avocado, tomato and greens. Simply prepared and nicely cooked. Was it the most special crab cake ever? Not really, but the ingredients were fresh and the dish wasn’t overdone. Most importantly, there was enough for us to share, so we didn’t have to argue over who got the last bit, as often happens when you get a crab cake appetizer made up of multiple small cakes. I have mentioned that I like to eat, right?

Taters and shrooms

Hub went with a steak for his entree. Put that guy within five miles of a steak and he will sniff it out, have it prepared to a medium rare and take it down with a side of whipped mashed potatoes and roasted wild mushrooms.



Me? Well, clearly I have a refined palate (okay, not really, but it is certainly something to shoot for). I opted for the dayboat scallops, which were served with corn, tomatoes and…BACON. Yes, that wonderful, salty, indulgent pork product. It really does make everything better. And to think, I’d been missing out on this for most of my childhood. Good thing I’m making up for it now.The scallops were perfectly cooked. The corn mirrored the slight sweetness of the scallops nicely. And the saltiness of the bacon was a great contrast. Happy tummy. Happy girl.

But date night isn’t date night without dessert. Get your head out of the gutter – I’m talking about dessert of the food variety. Anything else would totally change the nature of this blog. Normally, we would order one dessert and split it. In this case, we were jonesing for different items, so we splurged and each got a dessert. Ice box pie for the hub – with crushed Butterfingers, vanilla ice cream, oreo cookie crust and chocolate ganache. So delicious that he ate the whole thing. And Hibiscus doesn’t skimp on the dessert portions.

Apple, walnut and lavender foodgasm

This girl had the sour cream apple pie, topped with walnut crumble and lavender ice cream. This dish comes all bubbly and hot. If only I’d had the stomach space to shovel the entire skillet of goodness into my person. Alas, I did not. I do wish that I could buy a tub of their lavender ice cream though. Wow.

For once, the drinks didn’t have a starring role in the evening. They were good – hubster started out with one of their signature cocktails – a gin-based drink that seemed to make him quite happy. To accompany the entrees, I selected a half bottle of a Patz & Hall Pinot Noir. Opted for something reliable, that we know well. The kicker was that the waiter ended up bringing us a normal sized bottle. We ended up taking home the rest of the bottle as a souvenir. It’s nice when you’re given a gift that keeps on giving. Now if only I could have figured out how to box up the rest of that apple pie…

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Funny name. Funnier food.

This post comes from a brunch experience a couple of months ago. Yes, I’m woefully behind on my bloggery. If only I could make this my day job. Eating, drinking and writing. Just had a tiny O thinking about it.

Anyway, I love brunch. The hubster hates it, which is why it works out perfectly. Brunch ends up being a wonderful time to catch up with a girlfriend or two. Even better when mimosas or bellinis are involved, but that’s just a nice-to-have.

On a warm August morning, Robin and I ventured out for brunch and decided to hit up Sfuzzi in Uptown. I realize that I’m late to this party – as Sfuzzi has been open for quite some time and is better known for being a weekend hot spot than a brunch destination. I mean, it made an appearance in an episode of Most Eligible Dallas. It is clearly past its prime.

On this particular day, we were one of probably 8 tables of people in the place – not super busy. Then again, we may have been there too early, as most of the party animals likely hadn’t risen yet. This nuance is only important in noting that it took multiple tries and nearly the entire brunch to get Robin an acceptable cup of coffee. The story isn’t really worth telling – but I’ll just say that I hope the service is better than what we experienced. Our waitress was well meaning, and fortunately we weren’t in a hurry. But still, if you’ve read this blog before, you know I’m a stickler for service.

Really – the whole point of this particular post is the photo. Ordered frittatas – in this case, featuring goat cheese, spinach, marinara and meatballs. I generally think of a frittata as a delicious, savory egg pie – meaning the ingredients are all chopped up and are IN the eggs. As the evidence shows, Sfuzzi’s version of a fritatta doesn’t quite match what I generally picture in my head.

Yep. Meaty balls.

 The balls were delicious. And that’s where this post ends.

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