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Gluten-free goodness

Brunch is a beautiful thing. It is a great excuse for day drinking and for consuming all of my carbolicious favorites: pancakes, french toast, hashes of all kinds. Yum. Plus, there’s bacon. Lots and lots of bacon.

To continue the holiday eat-fest, I invited three (well, three and a bit…one is preggers) of my pals over for a post-Christmas brunch.

Before you get too excited, this isn’t going to be one of those posts where I get all giddy about trying some really involved new item. Everything was delicious – don’t get me wrong – but my efforts this go-round were a bit more pedestrian in nature. But sometimes that’s the best way to go so you have time to actually talk with your guests. And consume mimosas. How could I have not mentioned mimosas?

The menu was basic – turkey bacon, scrambled eggs – which I make using evoo in the pan and just salt, pepper and a little bit of ginger in the eggs – fresh fruit and pancakes. The pancakes are where things get interesting though.

My fabulous gal, Kristi, does the gluten-free thing. Which is cool and good for her. But I had no idea how to make pancakes that she would be able to eat. And then – ta-da! – while browsing the aisles of Albertsons-I-hate-you, I found it. Gluten-free Bisquick. Totally worth the gamble because I’m sure the good people at Bisquick have already done the trial and error thing to get the formula right. Probably would have taken me weeks to end up with something edible had I tried to go from scratch.

So, after adding some vanilla and tart dried cherries,  we ended up having some pretty fabulous pancakes. In fact, the group agreed that we liked them better than regular, gluten-y pancakes. Lighter consistency and a nicer profile for adding other flavors. Brunch success!

But – just to keep things balanced, I went ahead and made regular old-fashioned cupcakes for dessert.


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A duo of haiku, eh?

Holiday soiree,

Trying to schmooze co-workers

Don’t drink too much wine.



Offered moose sausage,

Tried with much trepidation

Refill my wine, please.


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