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Oh my, Malai!

I won’t bore you by waxing philosophical about brunch. If you’ve read this blog even once before, you know it induces a tiny o for me. Courtesy of my fashionable friend and former colleague, NB, Malai Kitchen in the West Village is now at the top of my brunch list.

Malai Kitchen is in the location where Tom Tom Noodle House used to be. Tom Tom had been an okay place for food – better for beverages, especially their coffee drinks – but Malai is definitely a welcome replacement.

Saturday morning – NYE day – I found myself on the patio, enjoying a mimosa and pondering what to choose from the short, but well-curated brunch menu. For me, it was a toss-up between the Banh Mi French Toast (they had me at flambeed bananas) and the Thai Eggs Benedict. To complement my sweet mimosa, I opted for the more savory of the two dishes.

Malai’s version of eggs benedict features coconut biscuits topped with spinach, Thai basil, shrimp and poached eggs with a Thai chili hollandaise. If that wasn’t enough, it was paired with a green-curry rice prepared in the style of cheese grits. I’ll give you a moment to marinate on all of that.

*It’s okay…keep thinking*

*I’ll give you another second*

*Wipe your mouth, you’re drooling*

The biscuits had just a slight hint of sweetness that proved to be a nice contrast to the heat from the hollandaise sauce. The creaminess of the poached eggs was nice with the texture of the shrimp and the basil provided a nice note and some additional texture.

Then the faux grits – heretofore referred to as “grits” – oh the “grits”! Spicy with green curry and a bit of sriracha. Despite the fact that they were just slightly too spicy for my palate, I couldn’t stop eating them. So delicious. And, the mimosas were just the thing to douse the fire that occurred in my mouth. I love that mimosas can be multi-purpose.

Malai serves its brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. The patio is great – especially right now while it is still warm and sunny in Dallas – and I have it on very good authority that lunch and dinner are just as satisfying as brunch. I plan to find out for myself quite soon.

Spicy deliciousness


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